1:1 Business Coaching

Schedule your 1:1 session with Coach Anj to clarify your business needs.

Sessions cover a topic of your choosing from getting your business started and setting great goals for the year to finding you networking opportunities or optimizing your time as an entrepreneur. Choose one session, a session bundle, or an annual plan.

Flow into Freedom V.I.P Days

The perfect solution for busy entrepreneurs who want to make business simple and set themselves up for success.

A V.I.P Day is a full-day-long working session to get you organized, automate your income, or bring your project to life. Work with Coach Anj to strategize your success and get your project finished in just one day.

Choose From Our 3 V.I.P Day Options:

  • Systems/Funnel Setup
  • Digital Product Automation
  • Creative Project Planning

Order Your Steps Package

Our Order Your Steps packages are custom 3-month retainers designed to help you optimize your operations once and for all.

Choose from one of our existing plans or work with our team to develop a custom plan for you. No matter what path you take, we’ll ensure that your final process is tailored to you and the needs of your organization. But we won’t stop there. In addition to setting up your systems we’ll:

  • Help you think through how you're doing things to increase efficiency
  • Check in with you regularly for a year to help you optimize for better results
  • Teach you the tricks of the trade so you're skilled and knowledgeable enough to scale on your own

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