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Build Back Your Time

Microlearning Session

Have you ever wondered how to get the help you need in your business right now? Or how to get support the way that the most successful business owners do? Watch the 10-Minute microlearning session and solve your support problem now!

Find Your Support Supplement! Guidance Worksheet

Running your business without support can be frustrating to say the least. Use these six essential softwares today to lighten your load as a CEO!

Plan. Execute. Achieve.

Annual Business Planner & Journal

Set yourself up for an amazing year with the Plan. Execute. Achieve. Annual Business Planner & Journal. Complete with journal prompts, affirmations, planning activities plus a free mini course to maximize your results.

Workbooks & Templates

Use our carefully curated toolkits to build a more efficient, more productive, and more successful business.

The Billionaire Support System Blueprint

Learn to get the support you need in your business right now without budget, time, or team size being a factor. Walk away with the information and the action strategy to change your business experience today!

CEO Stepping Stones

The CEO Stepping Stones Workbook was designed to help you become your most productive self, to best prepare you for the new levels that God is calling you to. It will be your guide to getting organized this season to open the door for endless opportunity in the next season.

Work with Coach Anj

Work directly with the head honcho for the greatest chance of success!

PLAN to Excel

The PLAN to Excel Program is a 6-month group program to help you create and apply your Billionaire Support System. With the company of other Christian CEOs and guidance from Coach Anj, you'll learn to find, face, and fix every support problem in your business once and for all!

VIP Days

VIP Days are a full-day service experience to solve your support problem. Working directly wiht Coach Anj, you'll dive deeply into an area of our business to develop, adjust, or amplify the support in that area to better your business. This is perfect for a Solo CEO or a small team!

1:1 Coaching

There's nothing like 1:1 support and guidance from the Ops Auntie herself, Coach Anj. Work directly with our head honcho on any of your business needs. This is a completely customizable experience and comes in a variety of different time commitments to fit your needs.

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