Our Mission

Ampere Business Solutions is a business development firm dedicated to helping purpose-driven businesses find success with ease using systems. Grounded in the belief that servant-leaders deserve to create a lasting impact AND create generational wealth, without burning themselves out or compromising their morals, we teach those who help others to organize and automate their operations, and streamline their marketing using systems to increase efficiency, create streams of passive income, improve work life balance, increase their ability to sell and serve within their community and skyrocket their success.

Our Method

We are a faith-based, family-owned business, that specializes in helping businesses develop and implement systems that lead to success. Using our signature PLAN Method, we help all our clients and partners reach optimum efficiency for the greatest return on investment possible in every thing they do. PLAN is an acronym for the four phases that the method entails:

Phase 1: P - Processes & Prodedures

Systems for HOW you work

Phase 2: L - Leverage Your Resources

Systems to HELP you work

Phase 3: A - Adjust & Amplify

Systems to MAXIMIZE your work

Phase 4: N - Nonnegotiable Success

Systems to stay ACCOUNTABLE

Behind the Name

An Ampere is the basic unit of electricity in motion. Inspired by the words in Luke 14:28-30 and 1 Peter 2:4-6, Ampere Business Solutions helps clients identify and order the building blocks of business to energize workflows, and catalyze success.

Core Values

Solutions-Focused: In order to move forward effectively, organizations need to look past problems and focus on creative solutions. We’re not here to place blame, we’re not here to pass judgement, we’re here to do good work and move forward.

Faith-Forward: In all things we do, we keep God at the center. We help businesses devoted to expanding the kingdom of God and spreading His word.

Excellence Centered: Our promise is that every service we provide meets the Ampere standard of excellence. If it's not portfolio quality work that we’re proud to present, it’s not good enough for the Ampere client. And to ensure we’re always providing the highest quality work, we invest in the professional development of our employees at all levels. ​​

Team-Based: At Ampere everyone has the capacity to lead and everyone has a duty to follow. We are servant-leaders with one goal in mind—client success.

Balance Oriented: While work is important while we’re on the clock, we know that life goes on off the clock. We’re dedicated to helping our employees maximize their time in the office so that their time away is truly their own. ​​​​

Anjanee Ferguson

Meet the Founder

Anjanee Ferguson is an operations strategist and international business coach who empowers Christian business and non-profit owners to create total freedom through systems.

Anjanee believes servant-leaders deserve to make an impact AND create wealth without burning themselves out or compromising their beliefs. She lives by the motto “Your purpose is bound by your process” and emboldens her clients to reach their highest levels of impact through strategic planning and intentional execution.

Graduating with top honors from both St. John’s University and La Salle University, Anjanee has degrees in Advertising Communication and Strategic Communication respectively. She has over a decade of experience working with faith and mission based organizations in the areas of marketing, fundraising, video production, resource management, campaign management, project management, efficiency, and optimization. 

Through Spirit-led strategy, online automation software, and business best practice, Anjanee teaches purpose-driven leaders to run their businesses from a place of ease and excellence as they set themselves up for years of lasting success–no matter how quickly or how large they grow.

Ampere Business Solutions, LLC

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